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We fervently believe that providing only one type of service is not enough to meet our customer's need and expectation. With the trust given to us, we help our clients achieve their goal by offering them the resources, expertise and knowledge that we have in various related services, and in a manner that will save them time, energy and money. 

The wide range of services we can offer our clients are customized, high quality service with excellent benefit. We tailor fit our services by taking into consideration the uniqueness of each clients' various needs. Below are service platforms we can offer our clients in any residential and commercial real estate properties in Montreal and surrounding regions.

CURRENT - Montreal, Canada



Just like any other company, we always think to grow in a multitude level and stay competitive. Our future plans involve developing the company into a full-service real estate investing entity. The goal is to evolve into a comprehensive company that services our own in-house needs for real estate investing and additionally offers these for a fee to real estate clients/investors as a one-stop solution for all their investment needs. As a full real estate investing company, we will investigate creating the following individual divisions within the company:

      • Property acquisition
      • Investor's participation opportunities
      • Property management and development
      • Real estate brokerage
      • Mortgage financing
      • Complete investment services and consulting
      • Large scale property and land development

Property Acquisition: We've launched the company with the development of the property acquisition division. The role of the division is to acquire, hold and resell residential real estate properties. The properties are viewed as inventory assets of the company, purchased for the purpose of bringing net profits into the company when properties are resold or refinanced.

Investor Participation Opportunities: We plan to seek passive investors to provide working capital for each acquisition, with payback of the initial investment and a percentage return-on-investment to the investor when the property is sold.

Property Management and Development: The property management and development division will be responsible managing and developing all properties that the company holds as long-term rentals. Additionally, the company can provide property management services to real estate investors for a fee.

Real Estate Brokerage: We may establish a full-service real estate brokerage or handle all internal transactions for buying and selling the company's properties, along with providing brokerage services to real estate investors and individual home buyers and sellers.

Mortgage Financing: We'll investigate developing a division specializing in investment financing for investors and individuals seeking real estate financing, primarily through private money loans.

Complete Investment Services and Consulting:  The company may create a division that advises real estate investors in their long-term investment strategies and provides comprehensive services for their investment needs. The goal is to provide one-stop solution for an investor through a combined packaging of our divisions and resources: Property acquisition; Investor participation opportunities; Property management services; Real estate brokerage services; and Mortgage financing.

Large Scale Property and Land Development:  The company's future goal is to maintain and increase its asset base and cash flow on a large scale real estate properties including commercial and land development. It is where the company will focus on a long-term business operation. We will start venturing on large-scale properties while engaging on small property acquisition.


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