By Art Cortez - Building Consultant & Inspector

So, you're buying a brand new or newly-built house and think everything is okay. The house is brand new and you don't need inspection. Absolutely wrong decision! Proper inspection is your responsibility and always part of your due diligence. If you are buying a brand new home, your builder will typically schedule a pre-delivery inspection or PDI at least days prior to your possession.

You will schedule a PDI with the builder. If you feel the builder is not working for your interest, you can hire a building consultant you know. This is the best time to take the opportunity to learn about the home systems operations and maintenance. Your building consultant or builder will note anything in the house that is damaged, incomplete, missing or not working properly and will eventually discuss the outcome of the inspection.

The PDI form will be completed and will serve as official record of the house condition before you move-in. Whether it's brand new or resale house purchase, hiring a professional inspector is always wise and an intelligent decision.