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3 - Logical Preparations You Need When Buying House

Posted by art cortez on Thursday, April 27, 2017, In : Home Buyers Tips 

Three Logical Preparations You Need When Buying a House

By Art Cortez

April 27, 2017


We buy our house at some point in our life. When doing it, we execute our decision based on things we get carried out from our behaviour. From years of experience working as real estate property inspector and my wife as a licensed realtor, we both learned and observed many important aspect of every buyer’s decision-making process. We both understand that every situation is unique but the home ownership ...

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The Importance of Pre-Delivery Inspection or PDI

Posted by art cortez on Thursday, December 4, 2014, In : Home Buyers Tips 
By Art Cortez - Building Consultant & Inspector

So, you're buying a brand new or newly-built house and think everything is okay. The house is brand new and you don't need inspection. Absolutely wrong decision! Proper inspection is your responsibility and always part of your due diligence. If you are buying a brand new home, your builder will typically schedule a pre-delivery inspection or PDI at least days prior to your possession.

You will schedule a PDI with the builder. If you feel the buil...
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