A Simple Road Map Developed by Art Cortez

For starters, buying your first home may be a little stressful in the beginning but it is an exciting moment you’ll experience as you’re about to achieve your homeownership goal. It is one of the biggest investment decisions you’ll ever make. We can give you simple guidelines on how this process really makes it easy and convenient for you. Home buying is like playing baseball or a softball game. Below is a road map to follow we developed in order for you to easily understand and figure out where your position is and where you’re heading or what you’re aiming for.

First Step: Talk and Meet With Us

We are in service industry business and real estate is our expertise. We put our name on it. Hence, we seek a mutual working relationship and commitment with people looking for help to find their dream house. We can only work with you if you are willing to do business with us. It is our straight point rule. Meeting with us is no obligation or fee on your part and consider it as an opportunity. In fact, we guarantee that you’ll gain lots of useful information after our meeting. We are passionate to help achieve your goal and put you in best position to make better decision. We help you create a strategic action plan, from start to finish of home buying and will guide you every step of the way. We utilized our resources to make your homeownership dream happen. We have established team of professionals working with us within the process, and best of all, we’re confident to offer our professional expertise, experience and quality service.

Second Step: Know How Much You Can Afford For Mortgage

Unless you pay cash on the home purchase, you’ll need to pre-qualify first with the mortgage lender to determine how much you can afford to loan for a home. A mortgage lender or a mortgage specialist will determine your capacity and your ability to pay back a mortgage loan. The lender will ask about your income, your debts, available cash on hand or, other investments as well as your employment status. A credit check may be necessary. A certificate of pre-approval which is typically available in no more than 48-hours will be issued once all required information were satisfied. The certificate of pre-approval is like a ticket to qualify you as participant in the game - "home buying". You’ll be amazed how much time and money you could save if you got this certificate first before hunting for the house. We’ll explain it to you during our meeting.

Third Step: Search for a House

Right after obtaining the certificate of pre-approval, as realtor and advisor, we can start searching the property you wish to buy based on the loan amount the bank allows you. This process is a mixed of time, stress and often comes with emotion due to variations involved when you’re about to choose which house to buy. We can help you minimize the time, ease the stress and help you reach a better decision. It’s one reason why we’re there for you.

Fourth Step: Make An Offer To Purchase

You’ll make an offer to purchase of the property you choose and wait for the seller’s response. As licensed realtor, we will handle all these process, analyze and suggest what best or realistic price to offer in the property. We’ll explain every detail in the contract documents and suggest what “buyer’s conditional offers” will be included to protect your interest. If the offer is accepted by the seller, just like baseball game, you’ve just reached the first base.

Fifth Step: Fulfillment of Conditions: Building Inspection, Final Bank Approval, etc.

The typical offer to purchase is contingent to satisfactory result of a professional building inspection and the bank final mortgage approval. These are one of the most important conditions written in the offer to purchase. Other conditions may be included as necessary, including the review of condo documents, preferred date of signing and occupancy, etc. If all were satisfied and fulfilled, you’ve just reach the second base of the game.

Note that there might be some exchange of negotiations during this process between the seller and you, the buyer. It’s in this process most transactions will likely fail or succeed. Realtor is always on hand during this process.

Sixth Step: Signing With The Notary

You get the key of the house after both you and seller signed a transfer of deeds with the notary (lawyer in other provinces) and the house is yours. It is the most exciting moment you’ll feel because the pride of Canadian home ownership begins here. You are in the third base of the game now.

Seventh Step: The Home Run

Congratulations! The real pride is here. You’re moving-in. You can now enjoy the life of being home owner (with pride indeed) along with your family. A home isn’t just a house. It is also a place where you can enjoy your privacy, and relaxing time, a real place where you can celebrate with family and friends. There is no place like your real home.

It’s all that simple! Best of all, we want this process to be an exciting and non-stressful experience on your part. You can relax, wait and let us handle it for you. Call us if you have concerns and questions.


ART CORTEZ – is a real estate consultant and a certified professional building inspector. Proudly serving Montreal and surrounding cities for over 10-years, he’s also a real estate investor with extensive experience and exposure in Canadian real estate market for many years.
Contact number: 514.862.9912   Email: cortezgroup1@gmail.com

– is a licensed real estate broker for Sutton Distinction Inc. Proudly serving Montreal community, she’s dedicated, professional and fun to work with.
Contact number: 514.578.5849   Email: rtellescortez@sutton.com

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